Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before boarding my pet?


We highly encourage you to bring your own dog food. This will prevent your pet from getting an upset stomach due to a diet change. All food should be packaged in baggies for each meal clearly marked with the pets first and last name. Any containers should also be labeled. Please do not bring glass containers, personal food and/or water bowls. We have limited space for storing personal items for each dog so please no large food containers or large bags of food just enough food for your pets stay.


Please bring all medication in its original container. Please do not mix in with personal food packages. We strongly recommend that you bring in pill pockets or some other means to give your pet their pills. We do offer pill pockets for purchase as well.


You are welcome to bring in your own pet bedding or small size crates for your pet. Please have everything clearly labeled with pets first and last name.


We do not recommend toys due to the possibility of these becoming lost during their stay. your pet will be very busy during their stay and do not usually play with toys when they are here. In lieu of toys you may wish to consider purchasing an individual play time for your pet. More information on that below under “exercise”.


We prefer a normal collar and lead versus a harness or halters. When dogs are picked up they become very excited, this makes it very difficult to reinstall a pet harness for delivery to you. we will be happy to walk your dog to you on any other type of normal collar and lead or slip lead. All retractable leashes need to be locked short upon entering the kennel.

Vaccination Requirement

All dogs are Required to have the following Vaccinations
  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella
  • Routine Flea & Tick Protection is Highly recommended
All Cats are required to have the following Vaccinations
  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Routine Flea & Tick Protection is Highly recommended

What are the kennels like?

All kennel runs are made up of two parts, the front side is surrounded by large plastic privacy walls with a doggie door that leads into their own personal exercise run that is made up of chain link fencing. This becomes a very social area for the dogs because they can see other dogs but can not get to each other. the interior area temperature is maintained between 65-70 degrees year round. The exercise area is indoors with conditioned air to give the feel of being outside but is still under roof for the comfort and protection of your dog. there are several large garage doors at both ends that are opened to the outside on nice days. We have 3 different size of kennel runs. these are kennel runs not crates
  • Small size - 2’x4’ inside and 2’x10’ exercise area about 28 sq. ft
  • Large size - 4x4 inside and 4’x10’ exercise area about 56 sq. ft
  • Suites are 6’x4’ inside and 6’x10’ exercise area about 105 sq ft

What type of exercise do they get?

You pet has its own exercise area in its personal kennel which gives them plenty of normal exercise. We offer supervised individual play times in one of our play yards for a additional fee. Play times last about 30 min. and includes playing ball, running, or just plain hugs and attention. We also offer doggie daycare at a reduced rate for our boarding pets monday thru friday. this is time for your dog to romp and play all day with other pet friendly dogs.

What is the cancellation policy?

All Holiday boarding reservations must be reserved with a valid Mastercard or VISA Card Holiday reservations that are canceled 5 or less days before the current holiday will be charged the full amount of the reservation up to a maximum of 3 boarding days Customers that do not call to cancel and do not show up for their Holiday Boarding reservation will be charged the full amount of the boarding day that they reserved.

How do I get charged for boarding?

Our boarding rates are charged by the “DAY” starting with the day your pet arrives regardless of the time of day, there is not a charge if your dog leaves before 1:00pm monday thru saturday. A daily charge is applied for all pickups after 1:00pm. Saturday to sunday is always a 2 day boarding. Sundays we are actually closed but open to the public in the late afternoon for pickups for our customers convenience.
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