Windogs is an excellent place to board your pet while you are away. Our kennel runs are spacious, our facility is kept clean, and our staff is here to make your pet content and comfortable. Our kennels are designed to give your dog private space along with plenty of room to move about for exercise. With approximately 56 square feet, our kennels have a 4 foot by 4 foot front section that is designed to be their eating and sleeping area. Within this section, there is a 3 foot high isolation panel in between each kennel. The run portion of the kennel is 4 feet by 10 feet. The run does not have isolation panels so the dogs are able to hang out and see their neighbors giving them the feeling of being out side while still being under roof. Your dog will have access to both the front and back areas of the kennel for most of the day, except for a short period of time during cleaning.puppies

Our standard boarding rate includes one dog in one kennel run, food and bedding. We feed Country Vet Premium Maintenance 22/12. You are more than welcome to bring your pet’s own food if preferred. Any medications that are easily administered can be given at no extra cost to you. And a complimentary bath is offered with every overnight stay. We also have a caretaker that lives on site.

In order for your pet to stay with us, we must see current proof of the following vaccinations: rabies, distemper and bordetella. You may choose to have your vet fax or email these records to us prior to check in, or you can bring a copy along when dropping off your pet.

Boarding Rates

  • One Dog per Day – $26.50
  • Two Dogs in 1 Kennel Per Day – $46.50
  • Extra Large Suite (up to 3 dogs from the same household) – $61.50 per day

Exercise Options (not included in standard boarding rate)

  • Boarding Daily Daycare (Monday through Friday) – $14
  • Dogs Boarding in Suites that want to add Daycare (Monday through Friday) – Add $6/per dog extra per day
  • Individual Playtime – $8 per playtime (7 days a week) *This price is per session. If you have more than one dog staying with us, and you would like to have playtimes together, you will not be charged for multiple dogs.

Cat Boarding

  • One Cat per Day – $18
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